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Golden Visa Investment Funds

The road to the Portuguese citizenship

​​​​​​​​​There are a number of benefits to investing in private equity funds which are eligible for the Portuguese Golden Visa.

The Portuguese Golden Visa Investment Fund is professionally managed by experts of each specific sector.

You may obtain the Portuguese Golden Visa by investing a minimum of 500 thousand Euros into a officially registered investment fund.

The Portuguese Golden Visa Investment Funds are a tax-efficient vehicle — dividends and capital gains returned to investors may be tax-exempt.

Depending on the Golden Visa Investment Fund, they will offer a minimum return hurdle-rate usually between 1% and 6%, were some managers are only compensated in case the funds performance is above a certain percentage.

Some Investment funds have the support of the Portuguese Government through subsidies or financed by the IFD.

The Portuguese Golden Visa Investment Funds are regulated and must comply with the rules stipulated by the Portuguese Securities Market Commission (CMVM), which means that fund managers are regularly audited by third parties.

To comply with the Portuguese Golden Visa legal requirements the Golden Visa Investment Fund usually has a maturity of investment for at least 6 years and should invest at least 60% into companies which have their head office in Portugal.

The advantage to choose investing into a golden visa eligible Investment Fund is that compared to real estate you will not pay acquisition tax (around 6%) neither stump duty tax (0,8%) based on the value of the real estate property.

By deciding to apply for the Portuguese Golden Visa through the investment fund option you will save time and money.

Necessary documents for the Golden Visa application:

The Applicant must present supporting evidence in which he has made the investment of the minimum amount required, individually or through a shareholder limited liability company of which the Applicant is the shareholder.


• Declaration from your Portuguese bank attesting the effective transfer of the amount equal to or above the legally required.

• Supporting document attesting the ownership of the Participation units (shares) on your portuguese bank account.

• Declaration issued by the Investment Fund managers attesting the feasibility of the capitalization plan, the maturity of, at least, five years, and the application of at least 60% of the investment in commercial companies with head office in national territory.


1. The Management company will receive from the investor the KYC (Know Your Client) Form, subscription form and personal documents.

2. The Golden Visa investor will obtain his Portuguese tax identification number (NIF) as a non-resident and can then open a Portuguese bank account (checking and securities account).

3. The investor will transfer the money from his foreign account to his Portuguese bank account.

4. The investor orders the bank transfer to the bank account of the Fund chosen by the investor.

5. The Management company issues a declaration necessary for the Golden Visa application and the Portuguese bank issues two declarations (money transfer overseas and certificate of holding the Participation units (shares).

Note: "US Persons" (investors with American citizenship or being tax residents in the US) need to open their Portuguese bank account with a FATCA compliant bank account as for example:

Bison Bank;

Banco Atlântico;

Banco Carregosa.

  • Golden Visa Portugal Investment Funds
  • Golden Visa Portugal Investment Funds
  • Golden Visa Portugal Investment Funds

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