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Golden Visa Portugal Investment Fund

Invest in your future.


DUMONT DOS SANTOS is an advisory firm focused on investments of High Net Worth Individuals, such as real estate acquisitions and investment funds in Portugal.


Portuguese Golden Visa

Creation of 10 jobs.

Investment Fund of 500.000€.

Invest 250.000€ in cultural or artistic projects.

Invest 500.000€ in a Portuguese Company and create 5 jobs.

Investment Funds

Capital transfer of the amount of 500.000€, or higher, for the acquisition of units of investment funds. Golden Visa Portugal Investment Funds may achieve annual returns between 5% to 15 % usually paid as dividends.



Spanish Golden Visa


Invest 500.000€ in  real estate.

Invest 1.000.000€ in companies, bank deposits or investment funds.

Invest 2.000.000€ in  public debt.

Italian Golden Visa

Invest 250.000€ in an innovative startup.

Invest 500.000€ in a company.

Do a 1.000.000€ philantropic donation.

Invest 2.000.000€ in government bonds.


Ideal geographic location, where three continents (Europe, Africa and America) converge, boosting regular connections to major international cities and airports.


Mild climate for most of the year: there can be up to 3300 hours of sun in the southern part of the country and 1600 in the northern part, some of the highest numbers in Europe.


A welcoming friendly people, that speak various languages.


A century old history rich in architectural heritage, not to mention wine and unmatched cuisine at very competitive prices.


Security and excellent quality of life: Portugal ranks as the 3rd most peaceful country in the world among 163 countries (Global Peace Index 2017).


State-of-the-art infrastructures: according to the World Economic Forum, Portugal is the 13th country with best infrastructures (road and harbor) in the world.


Highly qualified, productive and dedicated workforce.


Residence permits for investors, entrepreneurs and highly qualified workers.


Tax benefits available for non-habitual residents.

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Tel:  +351 96 505 10 25

Address: Second Home,  Mercado da Ribeira, Av. 24 de Julho, Piso 1

1200 – 479 Lisboa

  • Golden Visa Portugal Investment Funds
  • Golden Visa Portugal Investment Funds
  • Golden Visa Portugal Investment Funds
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